Eric Hilton 1970s Vintage Steuben Sunflower Crystal Bowl

Steuben Sunflower Bowl by Eric Hilton

For 100 years, Steuben glass has represented the epitome of American crystal. 
1980s Eric Hilton-designed bowl is simply beautiful. There are no chips or cracks and only one scratch on the base. The glass is clear and free from stains and fogging. The base is hand-engraved, signed "Steuben".
Measures: 10" diameter X 2.5" tall
Only One Available

"Hilton, originally from Scotland, attended The Edinburgh College of Art where he studied the subjects of glass, ceramics, silversmithing, and photography. After obtaining his MFA, Hilton taught courses at the Stourbridge College of Art (England), Birmingham College of Art (England), the University of Victoria (Canada), and The State University of New York at Alfred. In 1976, Hilton left teaching full-time to focus on his role as a consulting artist for Steuben, where he wasted no time in creating some of Steuben’s most mesmerizing works."

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