Antique George Hitchcock Flower Girl in Holland

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The Original Work is Located in the Art Institute of Chicago. 

Framed Print Under Glass 1887
This print is of an expatriate American who settled in Egmond, Holland around 1883, George Hitchcock was influenced by his Dutch surroundings as well as strains of late-nineteenth-century Continental painting. In this work, he combined an Impressionist palette with the pronounced perspective, hard-edged details, and rural subject matter that characterized academic Realist painting of the period, demonstrating his debt to both styles. Hitchcock painted many scenes of peasant women in tulip fields, often imbuing them with ethereal, Madonna-like qualities.

Frame is a very nice beautiful Art Deco Design and the frame alone sells for $150.  Great bargain for this exceptional framed artwork.
18" x 32"
Size:  18" x 32" Year: 1883
Artist: George Hitchcock Features: Framed
Style: Art Deco Width (Inches): 31 1/4"
Listed By: Asian Home Gifts Subject: Famous Paintings/Painters
Quantity Type: Single-Piece Work Originality: Limited Edition Print
Date of Creation: 1887 Height (Inches): 18"

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