Antique Shillelagh Club Stick Pin

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A Truly Fine Example of an Elegant Bygone Era

Leprechauns Shillelagh Club 
  • Measurement: 2 & 1/4" length x 3/4" width

This is a very attractive Stick Pin. A shillelagh is a wooden walking stick and club or cudgel, typically made from a stout knotty blackthorn stick with a large knob at the top and is considered a magical artifact used by Leprechauns. They are powerful conduits of magic and can be used to teleport by a rainbow path. Shillelaghs are cared for by Leprechauns in the Green Meadow. The stick pin is 2 & 1/4 inches long in a classic Irish design.

This fine example of Irish art is in excellent original condition with the pin crisp and clean. It makes a handsome statement and a truly fine example of a shillelagh.

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