Eco-Friendly Grill Take it Camping, Backyard BBQ or Anywhere

Hate hauling the grill out to cook up for one or two?  Hauling the heavy metal frame in your pack or gear?  This biodegradable grill solves both problems and keeps the environment from metal litter.

Do you go on Cycling Trips?  Hiking? Hunting? Fishing? Do you live in a place where natural disasters are likely?  Travel to remote places?

Don't take our word for it... You will LOVE this GRILL.  Many satisfied worldwide... here's just one:


"How did these guys make such an awesome grill out of cardboard? It was super easy and effective when we took 2 grills on our honeymoon (just came back) with a bunch of wonderful memories. You should try this contraption. Highly recommended." Steve

FREE Shipping to USA

One-of-a-Kind Only one Available

• Ready To Grill in 5 Minutes

• Super Easy & Super Portable

• UP TO 50% Less CO2 Emissions

• No Flames & Minimal Smoke

• High & Even Grilling Heat

• All Natural Bamboo Grate

• 100% Natural Materials

• Lavastone Thermal Insulation 


•  2.2 LBS
• Biodegradable

• Eco-Friendly

• 12.2 X 9.2 X 2 Inches

• No Metals Or Chemicals

• No Lighter Fluid Needed

• 60+ Minutes @ 600 °F

• Grills Amazing Food


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