Stainless Steel Vacuum Wine Sealer

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Seal Your Wine,Make It Last Longer!

Storing something left over is a challenging task. Especially when it comes to storing perishable or fast-reacting substances like wine, it requires a lot of rocket science. Well, not anymore! With high stainless steel, universal wine sealer one can now store their favorite wine and age it for more time.

It is easy to be used, and its universal size makes it be a one-time investment for eternity. The amazing thing is its vacuum technology, which makes the content in the bottle as fresh as new. It is undoubtedly a must-have for wine lovers.


  • Sealer for all your wine bottles
  • Fits all the standard sizes of the wine bottles
  • Works on vacuum sealing technology
  • With the help of the technology mentioned above, it prevents the oxidation process from being carried out
  • Maintains hygiene due to contact with stainless steel


  • Material: Stainless steel

Allow 3 Days for Processing and 4 to 7 business Days for Delivery

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