Sterling Pendant Genuine Winged Insect Trapped in Baltic Amber

Called Lithuanian gold, amber is a tradition in my family. My grandmother brought many pieces to us over the years from her native Lithuania and on her travels to the then USSR (Russia).

This winged specimen is a little treasure!  It is an excellent genuine Baltic amber pendant in a sterling silver setting with winged fossil insect - naturally trapped in amber 40-50 million years ago.

  • Pendant length: 25mm
  • Baltic amber length: 16mm
  • Baltic amber width: 7mm
  • Genuine fossil amber
  • In Pristine like brand new condition
  • Gift Box

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Amber is basically fossilized resin of a coniferous tree of early Tertiary (about 70 million years or so). ... Then the resin hardens captivating insects and other creatures. 

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