Sterling Silver & Abalone Dragonfly Pendant

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Sterling Silver Pendant is encased with rainbow abalone shapes in an interesting design.

Sterling Pendant: 

  • This pendant has a 30.3mm drop and is 25.8mm wide. Stamped 925

    The dragonfly is a creature full of wisdom. She teaches that life is about change, that everyone needs to be careful to live their life with clarity and not as an illusion.

    Because they are creatures of light, they can help you to use creativity, color, and imagination in your life on a greater level.

    You can also look to the dragonfly to help shed light into your own life.

    Because dragonflies start out living in the water and eventually come to the surface, this process can be a mirror for what's going on in your life: you might have thoughts coming up that need your attention or that you might need to change your perspective.

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