Sterling Silver Emerald Swirl Pendant

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 You will continue the long tradition of wearing emeralds treasured by Cleopatra wearing this pendant.  It will shine its soft, comforting green sheen on any occasion.

Sterling Silver Emerald Swirl Pendant
• Metal: Sterling Silver
• Stone: Emerald
• Dimensions: 26.64X12.17 Mm
• Total Weight: 2.77 Grs
• Finish: Rhodium

 In antiquity, gems were classified by color rather than hardness or other properties. For this reason, ‘emerald’ was used to refer to all green-colored gems. We don’t know exactly which civilization first unearthed gemstones, but it is known that the ancient Egyptians mined emerald at the Sikair-Zubara mines, known as ‘Mons Smaragdus’ (Emerald Mountain).

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