Turquoise 925 Sterling Silver Crafted Feather Earrings, Eardrop Jewelry

Feathers have represented symbols of heavenly ascension, thanks, and appreciation. Feathers have also played a symbolic role in fertility ceremonies and prayers for different cultures.
Many native tribes consider the act of attaching feathers to animals, plants, or even oneself, to be a ceremonial invitation for abundance and growth.


What do Your Feather Earrings Mean to You?

Feathers are powerful symbols for many different cultures and people.
Here are some feather meanings to keep in mind:

  • Ascension

  • Flight

  • Fertility

  • Heaven

  • Levity

  • Messages

  • Truth

  • Speed

  • Spirit

  • Travel

Size: 2.3" long

Shape\pattern: Geometric
sterling-silver-jewelry: sterling-silver-jewelry

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