Sparkling Vintage Long Sterling Silver Marcasite Lapel Pin

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A Truly Fine Example of an Elegant Amber Pin

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Sterling silver vintage brooch

  • Measurement: 6.5mm x 64mm

This is a very attractive Bar Pin. It is set with beautiful rich-colored marcasite. The bar pin is 2 5/8" inches long in a classic Victorian design. This fine example of Victorian art is in excellent condition with the pin working crisp and clean. I believe this pin could also be used as a tie bar if so desired. It makes a handsome statement and can be worn by either males or females. A truly fine example.

According to many beliefs, marcasite is a talisman associated with wisdom, courage, and expression. Metaphysical properties of marcasite also suggest it is a stone that inspires creativity when it comes to the arts and architecture.  In Victorian times, marcasite was popular for jewelry and is still a trend today.

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