Wall Hanging Planting Bags Vertical Flower or Vegetable Gardens

Black 4 pockets
Green 4 pockets
Black 4 pockets 1
Green 4 pockets 1
Black 6 pockets
Green 6 pockets
Black 18 pockets
Green 18 pockets
Black 36 pockets
Green 36 pockets
Black 64 pockets
Green 64 pockets
Black 72 pockets
Green 72 pockets
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 Grow Stylish!

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Instead of spending lots of $$ on planters, use hanging grow bags for your plants.  These Wall Hanging  Planting Bags are portable and simple. If you're growing stylish, a three-dimensional wall of juxtapositioning green plants will make you a delightful garden!  -  Design a variety of patterns!

High quality felt, recyclable, environmental, non-toxic, soft and breathable, can drain excess water.

Reusable, portable, economical and practical, can be used for 5 years more.

All four corners have holes, easy to be fixed on the wall or fence with nails, screws, rope and hooks.

High density, waterproof, put mud into the bag to grow plants, functions just like the plant pot.

New type of indoor and outdoor wall greening, planting strawberries, vegetables, foliage plants.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration, perfect for gardening plants cultivation.

Widely used in home, hotel, office, school, art museum, street landscape, park, etc.

Type: Grow Bags
Brand Name: WITUSE
Model Number: EQF284
Material: Felt
Color: Green / Black
Style: Classical
Number of Pockets: 4 / 6 / 18 / 36 / 64 / 72








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